Bluegrass band GrassRoad comes from Prague (Czech Republic) and was formed in 2005. During the years, the band went through some changes in its lineup to finally find its best fit of musicians. Last but not least of the recent changes was finding out that our banjo player had a big voice potential. For almost half a year, after our former singer left, she backed up most of the lead vocals, but did much better than just a back-up – her bright voice proved to be so good that we decided to keep her singing. The latest twist is a new member that came in October. Playing penny whistle, desk recorder, fiddle and singing, she brought new sound and energy to the band. Together, this resulted in a great music that will make you sway and tap your feet in the rhythm.

Playing mostly new accoustic music, we are picking on classical bluegrass and other genres influencing bluegrass scene nowadays. Next to covers, our repertoire includes also our own tunes. We’re still working on new songs to meet high demands of the audience that appreciates good music – and that’s why our last mini-promotion CD is called Live Better. Since we had good reference to shows in Czech Republic, we decided to go a bit more global – we played on the International Acoustic Music Festival in Hungary, EWOB festival in Lithuania and EWOB La Roche festival in France for three times. In 2009, we played in Bratislava (Slovakia) and took part in an international bluegrass competition and won second place there. Our goal is to keep on this track and play abroad as much as possible.
We will gladly accept your invitation and show you a hell of a bluegrass!

Specialized:  festivals or clubs concerts
Technical standards:  Sounds, minimum 8x microfons, 4x line for electric bass, acoustic guitar, fiddle and mandolin, monitors
Price:  not specificed - costs for the trip
                  P.Bulín:+420 603 460 552
                  P.Třebický:+420 602 190 793